Click and drag with left mouse button to move left/right and up/down
Click and drag with right mouse button to pan view lef/right and up/down
Click and drag with middle mouse button to move the sphere left/right and up/down
Use the mouse wheel to go forward/back
Alternatively, press W/A/S/D/X/Y to move around the room (only works in some browsers)

Depending on your screen size and CPU, you might want to choose a bigger or smaller output of the applet. Note that the bigger the output area of the applet is, the more CPU performance is required or the applet will not run fluently.
Click here for 640x480 version
Click here for 800x600 version
Click here for 1024x768 version
Click here for 1280x1024 version
Click here for 1680x1050 version